Jean-Philippe Cyprès - Photographer: Blog en-us Copyrights Jean-Philippe Cypres (Jean-Philippe Cyprès - Photographer) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Jean-Philippe Cyprès - Photographer: Blog 120 92 The Headshot Specialist! What are the principal ingredients in a professional headshot?  A headshot is a closeup portrait of yourself that should be showing pure and translatable emotion, such as joy, strength, beauty, a clever angle of the camera, an interesting lighting and composition.   Some of the industries who use headshots heavily:  Modeling agencies, the entertainment business, realtors, banking, car retail, social media, etc... Competition is fierce, the headshot must be great.

What makes a good headshot photographer??

The photographer is the one who will orchestrate the creation you will be showcasing over and over maybe for years to come.  It must be as good as possible.    This photographer must love faces.  He must look at them like he is reading a music partition, quickly trying to find the best way to make make the angel sings (getting laughs, reactions and diversity of looks).  He observes carefully in detail, looking at the shape-changing visage when it turns.  Left, right, towards the light, into the shade.  Watching it all fall in place.  He sees the moment when the eyes lit up and is quick to push the trigger; he seems to never missing the bulls-eye.  That's the headshot artist. 

A headshot artist must be a student of the light.  He must study it and it's effect so he can duplicate it in the studio when needed.  He must learn to change perspective often when looking at things, to make sure he is looking at the right angle; the angle that will make a difference ;}  A headshot should be flattering and angles matter. 

A headshot artist must be patient... His subject(s) could be active children, crying babies, people who say they hate to have their picture taken (but need one anyway), and some who never crack a smile.  He must learn to relax his clients without actually trying too hard.  The confidence in himself and his skills usually pays off. 

A headshot artist should offer his client hair/makeup or touchup services for the session.  It is advised that the photographer directs the make-up artist to start with a soft look, minimizing the actual makeup application and after shooting enough frames, the makeup/hair can be increased for a stronger effect.      Always nice to have options.

A headshot artist must love people.  He doesn't judge them, he doesn't wish for a better subject because the person in front of him is a world on his own ready to be discovered.  He talks to his clients like they are his new best friends.  He must love adventures and stories to be able to share, and again bring out emotions and joy by loving what he does.  Remember, he's there, to help achieve with you something quite difficult to acquire casually.

The final image should contain all the ingredients:  Good lighting, powerful composition, interesting expression.  It has to be honest but not to a fault and convey humanity, dignity and good chi.  I know, right?

The photographer is careful with retouching.  I love Photoshop like anybody else but keep your headshot as real as you can.  There are now great software for face/skin retouching.  Do not trust them 100%.   Good lighting will help a great deal with skin flaws and tones. 




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Masterpiece canvases on sale! This fine image mixes together, Paris fashion, window shopping and the glam of it all with the sunset on the Eiffel Tower.  

Imagine how it would look on your wall!!  This is unique work, you won't find it anywhere else, guaranteed!

"Save an artist, buy his work" - Unknown starving artist

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Feeling Amazed one more time. I absolutely love this place in West Ireland!  It's 300 million years old, over 700 feet high in some parts and hosts 29 different bird species.  The Cliffs of Moher have been featured in many movies such as Harry Potter.  I drove all day from Shannon under a dark and rainy sky.  My final stopping point that night was Doolin.  I almost went straight to Doolin where, a Guinness and a nice bed awaited me, forsaking the cliffs until a better day.  But something told me to forge on and make that detour to Moher.  Another 20 miles in what seemed to be one-way chemins, which, in fact are two-way. Brace yourself.  Finally ended in a very large empty parking lot.  No buses, no people, just a few cars all around me.  It was still drizzling but I went to the gate with the booth to pay the entry fee; It did say "Cliffs of Moher", although you could not see anything for the clouds.  I walked 300 yards to the edge and looked on to the horizon.  I could see a very long strip of blue sky between the sea and the clouds and thought:  "If the sun breaks through, it will light up this world!!"  I waited anxiously for 45mn, and it happened!  The gold sun flashed the coast with a stunning brightness.  I could now see hundreds of birds and the waves crashing.  The contrast of the dark clouds, the gold coast, the blue sea; No photoshop or tricks needed.  I felt very blessed to have witnessed such an amazing display, amongst maybe 20 other souls.  Which proves:  Always go the extra mile! :}

Wouldn't the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, look great hanging in your house?






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A Bowling Alley on Gay Street? I have been doing photo projects for Christopoulos & Kennedy Construction Co, over the past 25 years, and when I got the word to shoot a bowling alley downtown Knoxville, on Gay St., I was a little perplexed.  But what a gem I found!  The place is inconspicuous, nestled between a café and a pharmacy at 414 Gay St.  The entrance leads to a vast downstairs with 12 open lanes (yes 12!!), TVs, a large bar, lounge areas, etc...Another stairway takes you to the second bar and terrace upstairs, wow!  I didn't want to take pictures, I wanted to knock some pins!!  I love the brickwork on the walls as well as the look of old industrial Knoxville, back in the 20's.  Oh btw, the place is called Maple Hall. BlogCollageMappleHall-BBlogCollageMappleHall-B  

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